Toilet Leaking at Base

Toilet Leaking at Base

Is your toilet leaking at the base? Do you have water around the base of your toilet? You could be experiencing a case of a good wax seal gone bad. Or it could simply be a sweating toilet tank that is making it look like a leaking toilet base. You could also have a leak around the toilet tank seal. Whatever is causing water to pool around the base of the toilet, we're going to troubleshoot the problem and help you fix it here.

Checking for a bad wax seal - A bad wax seal can be easily identified by the following method. Place about ten drops of food coloring into the toilet bowl and mix the water around. Flush the toilet and add another ten drops of the same color food coloring and wait. If you see the food coloring leaking around the base of your toilet bowl, you know that your wax seal has gone bad and you need to replace the toilet wax seal.

Checking for a bad toilet tank seal - To check for a bad toilet tank seal, place ten drops of food coloring into the toilet bowl tank and let the water sit for a few hours. If the colored water is running down the back of the commode and pooling at the base of your toilet, then your toilet tank seal is bad and will need to be repaired. Repairing the problem consists of replacing the seals that prevent water from leaking from the base of the toilet tank.

Checking for sweating toilet - Toilet tanks sweat when the humid air causes condensation to form on the cold toilet bowl tank. There are no seals to replace nor any leaks to repairs with a sweating toilet tank. There is only one way to prevent a sweating toilet tank and that is to insulate the toilet tank itself.

Hopefully one of the above solutions has helped you identify why your toilet is leaking at the base.

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